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Exec Roles

Captain – Matthew Foskett

– Liaise with Team Durham

  • Including Team Durham cars

– Organise BUCS

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Social

– Organise Fresher’s Fair

  • Leaflets
  • Find space/kit Micro-maze (Coach to plan)

– Organise a minimum of 1 weekend away each term (Accom/Transport/Entries etc)

  • EUOC Burns Night
  • Lake District?
  • DUOC on tour? 3rd term

Vice-Captain – Andrew Stemp

– Create a fixtures list for the term/year
– Organise the local weekend events

  • Entries
  • Transport
  • Timings

– Organise the BUoT weekend in Durham
– Organise a DUOC tour in third term
– Complete BoF affiliations
– Physical Training session each week

  • Hills
  • Core?

– Possible fund raising event

  • Army or local?

Coach – Julie Emmerson

– Organise weekly Wednesday technical training session, who will do coaching
sessions and when
– Plan training sessions for those who don’t have much experience with leading orienteering sessions
– Make a termly rota in which each member of the exec (or other members) printing maps and lead training sessions

Treasurer – Luke Piper

– Accounts once a month
– Liaise with the rest of the exec
– British orienteering Affiliation
– British orienteering Membership for Freshers (in November)

Social Secretary – Sam New and Hannah Goldswain

– Minimum of 2 Socials every term
– Christmas Meal
– Pre-BUCS Meal

Webmaster – Daniel Murphy

– Keep the website updated with blog posts

  • This includes posts links to website on Facebook page

– Update termly calendar
– Set up a dropbox under the clubs email

  • Maps
  • DUOC Account details (for printing etc)
  • Wednesday Training Rota
  • Fixtures List
  • Standing orders
  • Link to PurplePen

Kit Secretary – Michael Hallett

– Organise the buying of club kit via Team Durham and Playerlayer
– Look into new items of club kit from external suppliers if required (headbands).

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