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June 2017 AGM

05/6/17 – Minutes:

Cameron Davies: Summary of the year. Training went well, but not great post exams. Good turnout to Edinburgh big weekend and BUCS. We only attained seventh place, but that was still a decent result. Absences: Michael Hallett, Mariama Dryak, Joe Bleasdale, Hannah Goldswain, Harriet Lawson, Daniel Murphy.

Andrew Stemp – treasurer’s report: Chased people out, finishing year with a bit of a profit. Sold kit from last year, and still need to put more money in. Should be healthy financial situation next year.

Julie Emmerson – coach’s report: First term had a good turnout. The second term was slightly worse. Sorting out at the beginning of the year worked well, rather than alternating between people.

Matthew Foskett – webmaster: Events to the lakes was good, northern champs went well. Adam not being here meant fewer north east events. Commenting on website has been good and maintains our media presence.

Cameron Davies: Time to decide exec for next year. Talks through 2016 standing orders, highlighting key aspects to roles and anything up for consideration.

Cameron: Daniel Murphy has put forward his candidacy for webmaster. Is there anyone who wants to run as well or move motion to make Daniel webmaster on general aye? No other candidates make Daniel Murphy webmaster on general aye.

Cameron: Captain?

Matthew Foskett: Yes. Unopposed

Cameron: Vice-captain?

Andrew Stemp: Yes. Unopposed

Cameron: Treasurer?

Luke Piper: Yes. Unopposed

Cameron: Coach?

Julie Emmerson: Yes. Unopposed.

Cameron: Social secretary?

Sam New: Yes, along with Hannah Goldswain. Unopposed.

Cameron: Kit secretary? No willing candidates, Michael Hallett later agrees to continue in this role.

Cameron: All candidates are unopposed. Move to pass motion of new exec on a general aye? Agreed.

All: Aye – new exec elected.

Cameron: Thank you all for coming. Hopefully DUOC will go from strength to strength in the next year! Meeting adjourned.

New exec:

Matthew Foskett – Captain
Andrew Stemp – Vice captain
Julie Emmerson – Coach
Luke Piper – Treasurer
Sam New and Hannah Goldswain – Social secretary
Michael – Kit secretary
Daniel Murphy – Webmaster

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