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1. Status

1.1 Durham University Orienteering Club (DUOC) is an affiliated club of Team Durham, a Student Organisation under the Durham Student Organisations (DSO) Framework approved by the University Council.
1.2 These standing orders should be interpreted in the light of the Standing Orders of Team Durham and within the Durham Student Organisations Framework agreed by the University Council. Where there is a conflict or perceived conflict between the standing orders of Durham University Orienteering Club and any provision of the Standing Orders of Team Durham Student Organisation or the DSO Framework, the latter shall take precedence.
1.3 This constitution was approved on 24 April 2015

2. The Club & its objectives

2.1 The Club shall be called “Durham University Orienteering Club” (hereinafter referred to as “DUOC”).
2.2 The objectives of DUOC are:
a) to promote and facilitate orienteering within Durham University
b) to provide the means for individuals to enjoy their sport and develop their skills
c) to promote active and healthy lifestyles to the members of Durham University
d) to encourage the qualification and subsequent development of coaches from the student body
2.3 Any profits made from any event or fundraising activity carried out by DUOC shall be kept within the club and used to benefit the club as the executive see fit.
2.4 DUOC is a member of the North-Eastern Orienteering Association (hereinafter referred to as NEOA) and affiliated to British Orienteering (hereinafter referred to as BO).
2.5 DUOC is a closed club under BO rules.
2.6 DUOC colours are palatinate purple, white and black.

3. Membership

3.1 Any member of the Team Durham Student Organisation (hereinafter referred to as Team Durham) is eligible to join DUOC on payment of the appropriate membership fee.
3.2 Any member of the University staff (on the University payroll) may also join DUOC under BO rules.
3.3 Members will wear DUOC kit if available when representing DUOC in any University fixture.
3.4 Members will be invited to join the DUOC alumni mailing list.
3.5 Individuals wishing to join the club, who do not fulfill the criteria in sections 3.1 and 3.2, may apply for special permission from the executive committee. The individual should have some current involvement in the club’s activities and the decision made by the executive committee should be unanimous. Such individuals should pay the standard membership fee, plus an additional £2 and are not eligible to benefit from the funding provided by Team Durham.
3.6 Members will be enrolled in one of the following categories:

  • Senior member
  • Junior member

4. Management

4.1 The management of the affairs of DUOC will be primarily undertaken by the Executive committee consisting of the Officers of DUOC who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
4.2 The executive committee is compromised of the following positions:

  • Club Captain
  • Vice Captain
  • Coach
  • Treasurer
  • Social Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • Kit Secretary

4.3 In the absence of the Club Captain the Vice captain shall be deemed to have the powers of the Club Captain.
4.4 The Executive Committee may appoint other sub-committees as needs arise, said sub-committees will be maintained for as long as is deemed necessary.

5. The executive committee

5.1 The DUOC executive committee shall be elected during the Epiphany or Summer term (after BUCS competition for that Academic year), see 4.2 for positions and 8 for election procedure.
5.2 The Executive committee shall meet at regular intervals, at least once a term, at the request of the club captain or any executive committee member on application to the captain.
5.3 A quorum for the executive committee shall be at least three of the five committee members being present.
5.4 All members of the Executive committee are entitled to vote, however if two positions are held by any one person then that person only has one vote.
5.5 Each officer must, on relinquishing their appointment, promptly hand to their successor in Office (or other individual nominated by the executive committee) all official documents and records belonging to DUOC, together with any other property of DUOC which may be in his/her possession. Each officer with financial responsibilities must complete any requirements relating to the transfer of financial authority.
5.6 Expulsion from the executive committee occurs only by a unanimous vote of no confidence in that member by all other members of the executive committee.
5.7 If during the yearly period between Annual General Meetings, vacancies occur on the Executive committee, the Executive committee shall have the power of filling these vacancies up to the next annual general meeting by co-optation, see also 4.4.

5.8 . Executive Roles

5.8.1 Club Captain:

  • Act as a figurehead for DUOC
  • Represent DUOC to Team Durham, NEOA, BO and any other sporting body
  • Chair all DUOC meetings and sign all minutes of DUOC Executive committee meetings, annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings
  • Act as returning officer of all DUOC elections
  • Arrange the annual general meeting and Executive committee meetings
  • Pursue the best interests of DUOC at all times
  • Jointly organise any trips away with the Vice Club Captain & Treasurer
  • Present year review at the Annual General Meeting
  • Have responsibility for any DUOC equipment and bring it to any fixtures as necessary
  • Submit grant applications in conjunction with the Treasurer
  • Maintain the club pigeon hole in the DSU
  • Liaise with Team Durham, including regarding Team Durham cars
  • Organise BUCS, including accommodation, transport and social events
  • Organise Fresher’s Fair: leaflets, find space/kit micro-maze
  • Organise a minimum of 1 weekend away each term (accommodation/transport/entries etc)
  • Make a termly rota in which each member of the exec (or other members) plans a minimum of two fitness or technical sessions per term e.g. Circuits/Hill reps/Intervals (see 5.8.3)
  • Organise the annual club photograph
  • Maintain the Club Handbook, updating this as necessary for future executive committees

5.8.2 Vice Captain

  • Assist the Club captain with DUOC duties
  • Deputise for the captain in their absence
  • Take minutes of all DUOC meetings
  • Assist any member of the Executive committee as required
  • Create a fixture list for the term/year
  • Organise the local weekend events, including entries, transport and timings
  • Organise the BUOT weekend in Durham
  • Possible fund raising event (army or local?)
  • Jointly organise trips away with the Club Captain

5.8.3 Coach

  • As stated in 5.8.1, each member of the exec assumes this role temporarily to plan a minimum of two sessions per term, according to the rota produced by the Captain
  • Organise weekly Wednesday technical training session
  • Print the maps for each training session

5.8.4 Treasurer

  • Ensuring that the club meet its financial responsibilities as a Durham Student Organisation (DSO). As a DSO the club are bound by the financial regulations set out in annex 3 of the DSO Framework. The DSO framework can be found at: CIS password required
  • Shall ensure that the club’s financial information is presented to the Division Accounts Team (DAT) in an agreed format, within timescales set and where reasonably possible be available to provide further clarification when required
  • Keep DUOC accounts in order
  • Accounts once a month
  • Submit applications in conjunction with the Club captain
  • Ensure all debts to DUOC are realised and collected
  • Purchase any new equipment after consultation from the Executive committee.
  • Organise payment for any entry fees, transport costs, affiliation fees and other DUOC expenses
  • Present DUOC accounts at the Annual general meeting
  • Apply for grant reimbursement
  • Sort out signatories on bank account
  • Should a conflict exist between the financial regulations laid down by the club and Annex 3 of the DSO framework the latter shall be adhered to
  • Complete British Orienteering Affiliation
  • British Orienteering Membership for Freshers (in November)
  • Liaise with the rest of the executive committee

5.8.5 Social Secretary

  • Organise social events throughout the year, at a minimum of two per term
  • Compile and maintain Alumni membership list and related email list
  • Act as alumni coordinator for DUOC
  • Raise awareness of DUOC through its social events

5.8.6 Website Officer

  • Keep the DUOC website and facebook page up-to-date (with blog posts if necessary) and make any amendments as necessary and when requested by members of the Executive committee
  • Organise fund raising events.
  • Update termly calendar
  • Keep ‘Results’ section of the website up to date.
  • Publicise DUOC events and socials within Durham University and elsewhere where appropriate.
  • Maintain the Club mailing lists
  • Maintain a dropbox under the club’s email, containing: maps, DUOC Account details (for printing etc.), Wednesday training rota, fixture list, standing orders and links to Purple Pen
  • Work with the Vice-Captain to devise each terms fixture list

5.8.7 Kit Secretary

  • Organise and purchase DUOC sporting and other kit via Team Durham or Playerlayer
  • Look into new items of club kit from external suppliers if required (headbands)

6. Finances

6.1 Membership subscriptions are to be reviewed annually by the Executive committee and disclosed to the Club membership at the annual general meeting
6.2 Members shall pay an annual membership fee, see 6.1.
6.3 All fees are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances and by agreement of the Executive committee.
6.4 The treasurer will be responsible for all accounts.
6.5 Any profits made from events, fundraising activities or monies from the club account and Team Durham grant shall be used to benefit DUOC and its members fairly.
6.6 Expenses can only be paid to members when incurred on genuine DUOC business and receipts are presented to the DUOC treasurer.
6.7 All payments shall be approved by both treasurer and Club Captain who along with the current Team Durham president shall be signatories on the DUOC account.
6.8 The Team Durham grant will be used to cover members’ entry fees to events within term time until it runs out. Past this point entry fees become the individual’s responsibility.
6.9 DUOC will not pay entries for national competitions such as JK, National Events or Fell races/mountain marathons. Payment for entries to an event is at the captains discretion.

7. Meetings

7.1 The annual general meeting shall:

  • Approve minutes of last Annual general meeting
  • Resolve any motions indicated in the agenda
  • Receive reports from outgoing Club captain and treasurer
  • Be chaired by Club Captain
  • Elect as appropriate members of DUOC into the Executive committee posts as outlined in 3.1

7.2 All members of DUOC having attended at least one fixture will be entitled to vote.
7.3 Voting for the Executive committee positions will be by majority vote.
7.4 Should circumstances arise during the year in response to which the executive committee agree immediate changes to the constitution or major changes to the organisational structure of the club are necessary, an extraordinary general meeting shall be called at which the changes will be voted upon.
7.5 A quorum for an extraordinary general meeting shall be at least three of the five executive committee members being present.
7.6 All members of DUOC having attended at least one fixture will be entitled to attend and vote.
7.7 No constitutional changes shall be made without the approval of at least two thirds of those present at the annual general meeting.

8. Election Procedure

8.1 The officers of the Executive committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting.
8.2 All members of DUOC having attended at least one fixture are entitled to stand for executive committee positions.
8.3 Candidates may stand for more than one position.
8.4 Manifestos for any positions must be submitted seven days before the Annual general meeting.
8.5 The Club captain shall act as returning officer
8.6 The meeting shall be informed of the election results immediately after the voting has taken place and before the hustings for the next position.
8.7 Candidates may only take up more than one position if and only if one or more posts would be left vacant otherwise.
8.8 Candidates may withdraw at any point prior to the voting for that post.

9. Indemnity Clause

9.1 So far as it may be permitted by law, every elected officer, appointee of member of DUOC shall be entitled to be indemnified out of its assets against all losses or liability they may sustain or incur in or about the execution of their office, employment or otherwise in relation thereto, and non such person shall be liable for any loss, damage or misfortune which may happen to be incurred by DUOC in the course of execution of their duties or in relation thereto, provide that this section shall not affect their liability for their own negligence.

10. Dissolution

10.1 A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at an AGM or EGM through a majority vote of the membership.
10.2 In the event of dissolution, any assets of the club that remain will become the property of Team Durham.

11. Amendments to the constitution

11.1 The constitution will only be changed through agreement by majority vote at an AGM or EGM.

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